They Found One!

So awhile ago I posted about the Rice’s ( friends ) looking for another horse for their family! Well they found one… So happy for them! We are going to their house to pick STRAWBERRIES, they have a U-pick strawberry patch for the farmers market. So we are going down to help pick strawberries, and I told them that we baled square bales this week, so we might be baling their hay when were there too! Love baling hay, its going to be EXTRA fun, also were going to swim in their pool they made, I cant wait…


So Cute!


Meeting the other horses!

~ Can’t wait to see this beautiful horse…. Just 9 more days! ~

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~ First Square Baling ~


Yes, we dance on the hay rack sometimes…. lol


My sister stole some of my pics I wanted to post first, but anyways…. We got all the Hay done in one day! Baled all the cut hay and stacked them up in the barn neatly.. So thankful for the beautiful weather to bale hay, not to hot and not to windy! We made it and now were all tired… Y’all have a good day!

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Barn Roof Repair!


Yup! The shingles were coming off the barn roof, so its causing rain to come inside the barn…. My dad got tired of it and had my Uncles side of the family to FIX it up! They are finishing it up by tonight ( hopefully ) because its suppose to rain tomorrow… They are putting shingles on right now. My younger sis, decided to make em some chocolate chip cookies, so she did and quickly made them lemonade.. She is very SWEET, to our workers!

We are also square baling hay today! So we are Very busy… I love square baling, One of my favorites in the Summer Time! The hay is drying a little more right now, we are baling in a few hours/min… Cant Wait, Pics Soon!

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Happy Birthday Bro!

Today is one of my Best Friends birthday! Joseph so glad to have a GREAT friend, like you. Even through the hard times we had in the past, we never gave up each other. You’ll always be my Best Friend and Brother Forever… Thanks for haveing me as your friend. 🙂

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So Exited…


Sooooo exited for my new nephew or niece! Aaron and Megan, my brother and sister in-law are gonna have another baby this year.. So happy for them both, I’m gonna be another Uncle to this baby this November. I hope its a girl, I love baby girls!

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First Cutting!


My dad and grandpa are cutting our hay field today, because its very very tall.. Please Pray that it wont RAIN on Wednesday, soooo we can bale hay that day and because we want to be outside when we have the Shooting Class Pot Luck. So I need all the prayers as possible, that God will change the weather Wednesday into a Sunny Beautiful Day! Thank you all, and have a good day.. 😀

But With God All Things Are Possible… Mathew 19:26

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I sold one of my sheep and ewe lamb tonight…. I’m gonna miss Cloud, my baby first lamb! She is sooo cute, I hugged her for the last time.


Dusty and Cloud.. bye bye Cloud


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